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Honoring a loved one, service member, or pet is a way to keep their memory alive.

In addition to one time donations, monthly donations to meet your desired donation amount are graciously accepted.  

Also, group contributions are welcome.  For example: The Café in the Navy Village could be named after the USS Indianapolis.  Friends/family members of the crew can make donations to that fund.  All crew members will be listed on the memorial tribute, as well as the friends/family member's names who donated and a picture of the ship.

All donations will be recognized, please note who it is honoring.

To Name in Honor Of:

Purple Heart Garden:

Standing Plaque: $1,000

Bench: $500

Tree/Shrub/Flower: $250

Brick: $125 donating

Street: $200,000

Village: $175,000

Community House: $150,000

Cafe: $125,000

Horse Barn: $100,000

Veterinary Center: $100,000

Lake: $75,000

Walking Path: $50,000

Gathering Hall: $25,000

Dog Park: $20,000

Cottage: $15,000

Monthly Support of a Veteran: $20

Monthly Support of an Animal: $15 

After donating, please go to the Contact Page and send an email stating your name, contact information, and any questions. Additionally, who the donation is to honor and what you would like the plaque to say.

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